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2023 Year-End Message from one of the best schools in South Africa

As we conclude another successful year at Amedeo College, the achievements and progress witnessed among our students reflect the value of our unique teaching model. In the last 25 years, this model has not only produced exceptional results but has also successfully turned around struggling schools in the United Kingdom, elevating them to top positions in their respective fields. Its success has been demonstrated in various educational settings in South Africa as well. Particularly adept at supporting students with inherent learning potential facing challenges like high-functioning ASD, ADHD, ADD, and dyslexia, our model has once again demonstrated its effectiveness.

Quoted by the Directorates of the Educational Department, Amedeo College emerges as a rising force destined to make a significant impact in the educational landscape of South Africa. This recognition underscores the institution's commitment to excellence and suggests that it is poised to play a prominent role in shaping the educational narrative of the country. The acknowledgment from the Directorates of the Educational Department signals a noteworthy endorsement of Amedeo College's potential to contribute positively to the educational sector, indicating a promising trajectory for the institution's future influence and standing in South Africa. This year, we welcomed students initially deemed unlikely to read, write, or learn by some of the world's best professors and doctors. Against all odds, 100% of these students completed the year, showcasing the transformative power of our rigorous educational approach.

Amedeo College takes pride in providing opportunities for every child, irrespective of their challenges. Following the South African CAPS curriculum, we enrich our commitment to academic excellence by incorporating the Cambridge curriculum, positioning us uniquely as a school centered on academics with a multisensory learning approach. After extensive evaluations and recognition from the Department of Education and other educational experts, Amedeo College has been acknowledged as the number one school of its kind in South Africa. This recognition affirms our dedication to providing a world-class education.

As we celebrate the accomplishments of the past year, we extend our gratitude & appreciation to our remarkable team of teachers for their persistent dedication and the positive impact they make on the lives of our students. Our teachers share a common goal – a passion for education and a commitment to our students' success. Their continuous hard work and enthusiasm in finding alternative ways to connect with each student, and recognizing diverse learning styles, contribute significantly to our students' achievements and underscore the supportive and innovative environment that sets Amedeo College apart and affirms our belief that we are regarded as one of the best schools in South Africa.

We extend gratitude to our amazing and supportive parents. Thank you for entrusting us with your children's education. Your support enhances our mission to provide an exceptional learning environment, and we are privileged to partner with you in shaping their academic journey.

As we reflect on the triumphs of the past year, we anticipate the opportunities and challenges that the upcoming year holds. Amedeo College invites parents and learners to join us on this exciting journey towards academic excellence. Registration for the academic year 2024 is now open, and we welcome the opportunity to guide your children through a transformative learning experience. Secure your child's place at Amedeo College and together, let's build a foundation for success in 2024 and beyond.

To our community embracing the joy of the Festive Season, we extend warm wishes for a blessed and safe time. To all, we hope you find some relaxation and cherish quality moments with your family during the school break.

Dougie van der Westhuizen

tophies and prefect awards
Amedeo College 2023 Prize Giving Ceremony

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