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Grade 1 Mother

“My daughter recently completed Grade 1 at Amedeo College, and I am eager to share our experience as a testament to this outstanding school. Our journey began with our daughter struggling in a different school, where she was unhappy, and disengaged, and her academic progress suffered to the extent that she couldn't read yet. A friend recommended Amedeo College, where their son had thrived. After a brief trial, our daughter refused to return to her previous school, so we immediately enrolled her. The results have been remarkable. In just a few months, she learned to read, made friends, and became a joyful, engaged student. The staff at Amedeo College are exceptional, truly embodying their promises. Their model, particularly beneficial for children with learning difficulties, is something more schools should adopt. Amedeo College has not only changed our daughter's life but also our family's. We wholeheartedly recommend it to parents seeking a nurturing, effective educational environment for their children. Thank you, Amedeo, for being the best and making a profound impact on our lives”.

Grade 1 Mother

“My son has thrived in an environment where he is completely accepted for who he is. He has also benefitted from the small class sizes. He has been made to feel that his contribution to the school is important and that his opinion matters. He feels listened to, cared for, and respected. He has started to believe in himself again. As parents, we feel very confident that our child is in the best possible place and feel that every child deserves such a wonderful nurturing learning environment”.


Grade 2 Mother

“My son has gone from being a very unhappy, moody child to being a very chatty and happy boy. He talks about Amedeo with great admiration, and he feels safe, secure, and understood. Amedeo School knows its children and has an incredible talent for bringing out the talent in each child. It is the best school ever!”


Grade 2 Mother

 “Our daughter initially attended one of South Africa's top private schools for Grade 1, where she was one of 24 students in her class. While she was managing well academically, her teachers believed she wasn't reaching her full potential and recommended speech therapy, which the school couldn't provide. Towards the end of her Grade 1 year, they suggested a school with smaller class sizes and therapy services. The school they recommended was Amedeo College. After meeting with the school's management, we were impressed with their unique approach to education. What made Amedeo even more appealing was their on-site therapy center staffed with exceptional professionals. Our daughter made the transition to Amedeo in Grade 2 and immediately felt at home. Her confidence soared, and she thrived academically thanks to the hands-on, concrete-based learning model. She has grown remarkably in the past year and now even tutors her younger sibling in mathematics. Amedeo College has truly been a fantastic choice for our child's educational journey, and we are immensely grateful for their outstanding support and services. Thank you, Amedeo!”


Grade 3 Mother

 “Thank you so much for taking our little bird with a broken wing and rehabilitating, supporting, and pushing him to become the confident, happy, and enthusiastic young man that he is today. We were so fortunate to have found Amedeo. You have changed our lives forever. Our son can fly again! You are truly different from any traditional school out there”.

Grade 4 Mother

“Our son struggled in the typical mainstream environment. Due to a lot of pressure from general school and homework, he developed severe anxiety. He could not keep up with the high demand and pace of work. As a result, he fell behind in most of his work. We employed tutors to try and keep him up to date with, especially, Mathematics. The anxiety became so bad that he refused to go to school. After a long battle, we decided to seek professional help. A psychologist recommended Amedeo College. We discovered the ideal setting for our son, where he cherished every moment of school. Even when he was unwell, he eagerly attended. Thank you, Amedeo, for crafting such a wonderful environment for children who don't conform to the conventional mold. 

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