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Amedeo Extra Curricula Activities


At Amedeo, we understand that movement and sports are crucial to a child's well-being and that a variety of skills are developed & honed when playing and competing in sports.

At Amedeo, we emphasise the profound joys and merits of movement, as real pleasure emanates from play.  With this in mind, we understand that sport provides opportunities to experience success, and disappointment and encourage risk-taking.  Extra-curricular activities are offered in the Amedeo Preparatory School and High School.

Amedeo soccer

Amedeo Extra Curricular Sporting Activities

The Profound Joy of Movement

We provide skill training in the following traditional codes:

Hockey, Cricket, Netball, Tennis, Basketball, and Soccer.

We also offer a variety of alternative sporting codes:

Boxing, Badminton, Volley Ball, Table Tennis, Croquet, and Archery.

Amedeo Creative Arts

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Music and movement are integrated into the curriculum and are used to enhance fine motor skills, prepare the brain for achievement, boost memory and inspire a creative spirit.  It supplements the holistic approach and development adopted by Amedeo.  A safe and supportive environment is created for learners to explore, experience and express thoughts, ideas and concepts within an atmosphere of openess and acceptance.


Creative Arts provides opportunities for students to give expression to their feelings and understandings, individually and in collaboration with others.

Amedeo Music

Amedeo Cultural Activities

Dance like nobody is watching

At Amedeo we offer a number of Cultural activities, namely, Dance, Movement, Drama, Music, Poetry, Pottery, and Art.

Amedeo Cultural activities

After Care Club

Healthy Meals

We provide students with access to our After Care Club where healthy meals are prepared by our own Chef.  Learners are provided with a mid morning power snack.

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