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Amedeo Policies

Amedeo College Policies

Amedeo College is a dynamic and stimulating environment, where we provide a holistic and balanced education of body, mind, and spirit. We educate our learners for life and are committed to also being lifelong learners ourselves, modelling best practice. We aspire to include all learners with different learning needs and from different backgrounds, cultural groups, and religions. We aim to create a learning environment that will assist learners in reaching their full potential by offering them curriculum content in various ways and ensuring their developmental needs are met.

Kindly familiarise yourself with our various policies & procedures listed below. 


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Learners Code of Conduct

This document is aimed at establishing a disciplined and purposeful environment to facilitate effective education and learning in schools..  Click on the Icon to View & Download.

Health & Safety Policy

The purpose of the policy is for the protection of Health and Safety of staff members, learners and any other person who may be at the school at any given time.  Click on the Icon to View & Download.

Alcohol & Drug Abuse Policy

The school accepts that it has a duty to equip young people with information and knowledge about drugs, alcohol, and substance use, but insists that parents participate in a strong partnership bond with the school to minimize the potential harm to learners.  Click Icon to View & Download.

Excursion Policy

School excursions form a very valuable part of the school program. They provide learners with a variety of educational experiences outside the formal classroom setting. These opportunities, which encourage learning from the wider community, enrich their learning and broaden their world view. Amedeo College therefore supports the active involvement of staff and learners to participate in well - planned off school site activities which are integrated with the learning programs.  Click on the Icon to View & Download.

Parents Code of Conduct

For any school to be able to function properly, parent involvement is essential. The atmosphere or climate at the school should be such that parents want to be involved.  Click on the Icon to View & Download.

Inclusion & Diversity Policy

Amedeo College is a place of learning where acceptance and belonging prevails. We value the unique richness of every individual member of the school community.  Click on the Icon to View & Download.

Language Policy

The principal, the SMT and the Board of Directors are responsible for the management, monitoring, and implementation of the language policy.

Bullying & Abuse Policy

Amedeo College does not tolerate bullying in any form and all members of the school staff are committed to promoting a safe and caring environment for students.  Click on the Icon to View & Download.

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