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Amedeo's teaching material in the Intermediate Phase
Gr 4 - 6 assists learners to develop a sense of independent learning as they develop a broad range of skills and abilities

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Amedeo's Intermediate Phase - Gr 4-6

In the Intermediate Phase, Grade 4 – 6 learners use what they have learned in the Foundation Phase to build their knowledge and learn new concepts. Our lesson material helps them develop a sense of independent learning as they develop a broad range of skills and abilities.

The main aim is to prepare children for a successful journey through their schooling careers.  Project-based teaching, knowledge of learning styles, and solid foundations will ensure success in this area.  Lessons come alive with technology, empowering each child to take ownership of their learning and flourish as creative and critical thinkers.  In addition, effective study and leadership skills will be developed, explored, practiced, and refined.  Collaboration is an essential part of school life; students are taught to work effectively in the classroom, playground, and sports field.  School life is inspiring!

Wherever possible, the skills and learning will focus on real-life experience and links will be made with the local and wider community.  We focus on fostering independent thinking and learning skills, developing initiative and creating a love of learning.  Once equipped with these skills, students find it a seamless transition to their choice of senior school.


Amedeo enriches the CAPS curriculum with the Cambridge syllabus. The Intermediate Phase includes six compulsory subjects:  English (Home Language), First Additional Language (isiZulu or Afrikaans), Mathematics, Natural Science & Technology,  Social Science (History & Geography),   Life Skills, Robotics & Coding.

Amedeo's Intermediate Phase Subjects

The Intermediate Phase includes six compulsory subjects:

English (Home Language)

First Additional Language (isiZulu or Afrikaans)


Natural Science & Technology

Social Science (History & Geography)

Life Skills

Robotics & Coding

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