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Amedeo On-site Therapy Centre

On-site Therapy Centre

At Amedeo, we take the pressure out of schooling.  Visit our on-site Therapy Centre or book an appointment with our own resident Psychologist.

Amedeo College has an excellent on-site Therapy Centre that provides Educational Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Pediatric Physiotherapy and Play Therapy.

Amedeo psychologist

Small classes, Unique, progressive approach, nurturing & collaborative & experienced passionate teachers.

Meet Our Therapists

Helping Students Learn

All Therapy lessons at Amedeo will be offered during school hours in our fully-equipped Occupational Therapy room.  Therapy is not included in school fees and is arranged privately between the parent and the therapist. The therapist provides regular feedback to the teachers on the child’s specific needs and progress as well as how to support them best within the classroom. Regular feedback is provided to parents to ensure that they are fully involved in the child's therapy process.


Tina is a registered Educational Psychologist, as well as a qualified, teacher for the Early Childhood and Development Phase.  She is extremely passionate about her work and has a special interest in working with children and adolescents. Tina completed her internship in 2012 and has continued working full-time at a remedial school where learners received Therapeutic and individualized remedial support. Working in a multi-disciplinary team has enriched her experience and ignited her passion for working collaboratively with all significant role players in a child’s life. Tina has followed her dream of opening up an established private practice, Mind + Me Psychology.  She specialises in assessments that identify learning difficulties in the Foundation, Intermediate, and Senior phases.  “I believe that early diagnosis and interventions lead to greatly enhanced outcomes for learners who experience barriers to learning.  I aim to empower children to rise above their scholastic, emotional and social barriers”.  She has a special interest in play therapy with children and also provides counseling for adolescents and parental guidance and support for families.

Michele has over 40 years of experience in speech and language therapy with children. She has worked in remedial schools for over 30 years. She works in a holistic manner and aims to develop children to achieve their full language, comprehension, and reading potential. Phonological and Auditory processing skills are taught to prepare the young child for learning to spell and read. Receptive and expressive vocabulary and language skills are also a focus. The aim always being to achieve optimal narrative and communication skills. Michele has a special interest in addressing Higher Order language skills with older learners. This includes making inferences, understanding ambiguities, getting the main idea, reasoning, and giving their own opinion.

Marika is a speech-language therapist and audiologist with a special interest in pediatrics. She is passionate about working with children and their families. Her mother is a preschool teacher, and Marika has been surrounded by children and a love for teaching since her own childhood. Marika’s daily goal is to create meaningful and fun speech, language, and feeding therapy sessions. She believes in creating the right opportunities for children to meet their own communication and learning needs, at their own pace, and in their own way.  Marika is grateful for the various opportunities to work in teams and assist children to reach their goals holistically and supports the principles of neurodiversity.  Marika has been working with children since her community service year in 2011 and spent just under a decade in preschools for children with various communication and learning challenges. Alongside preschool intervention, she has been running a private practice for 9 years, which she recently expanded. Marika is a toddler mom and believes that motherhood has shaped her as a therapist.

Occupational Therapy focuses on helping children with physical, sensory, or cognitive challenges to be as independent as possible. Through a variety of play-based activities an Occupational Therapist can assess and provide therapy for sensory processing and/or integration; gross and fine motor skills as well as visual perceptual skills. By helping children to progress in the above areas and reach their full potential, Occupational Therapy can enhance their self-esteem and sense of accomplishment.  Brittany has a friendly and caring nature. She loves working with children who experience difficulties in learning/development in a fun and playful manner. She has been working in the pediatric setting for 10 years and values learning from the children as much as they learn from her. Play and learning are a child’s primary occupations so her ethos is “let's play to learn!”.

Lara Berman Physiotherapy was established in 2017.  Lara specialises in the evaluation and treatment of children with developmental delay and neurological conditions, where each child receives individualised care based on their needs, and parents are educated on how to support their children to reach their optimal potential. Our approach is family centered, holistic, and evidence-based. Our treatment approach is premised upon creating a comfortable and safe environment, where children are challenged to reach their goals whilst having fun. Families, teachers, and other therapists play an integral part in the therapy process. Ultimately, our purpose is to ensure that every child we treat is able to reach their optimal potential, and as a result are more efficient, independent, and confident when performing their functional tasks/activities.

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