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Amedeo's Foundation Phase
Gr R provides the building blocks to develop every young learner's full potential by learning through exploration.

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Amedeo's Foundation Phase - Gr R

At Amedeo, we know that the Foundation Phase is crucial for laying the foundation for happy future learning. This is why our lesson materials are created with the holistic development of young learners in mind, equipping them with a broad range of skills and abilities.

In the Foundation Phase, we embrace a balanced, broad, and creative curriculum where students are encouraged to challenge themselves and reach their full potential.  We guarantee a warm, exciting, and caring atmosphere, dedicated and challenging teaching, and excellent facilities.  An environment where your child's learning will flourish.  Class sizes are small and flexibility in the timetable ensures a high degree of individual attention.

The teaching style is multi-sensory and the school day is organised around a regular routine, with plenty of opportunity for outdoor time, access to the arts, and the opportunity to perform and participate in sports and fitness activities.  Our staff are warm and enthusiastic and value each student as uniquely special.  Every pupil's abilities and talents are identified and developed, through carefully planned and differentiated tasks, encouraging each individual to become a self-motivated learner and confident communicator. 


CAPS-aligned and Cambridge-enriched lesson material integrate the five learning areas: English, Mathematics, Life Skills, Natural Science & Coding & Robotics.

Students learn to use their initiative and to be independent learners, creativecurious about the world around them, learning to take some risks and work collaboratively.

Amedeo's Foundation Phase Subject Themes
Amedeo Gr R English


Listening & Speaking.

Reading & Phonics.

Writing & Handwriting.

Thinking & Reasoning.

Language Structure & use are integrated into all four language skills, listening, speaking, reading & writing.

Amedeo College Gr R Mathematics


A definition of mathematics.

Specific aims, specific skills.

The focus of content areas.

The weighting of content areas.

Recommended resources for the foundation phase mathematics lessons.

Suggested guidelines on supporting learners with barriers to learning mathematics and enhancing the teaching of early numeracy skills.

Amedeo College Gr R Life Skills


This subject is central to the holistic development of learners.  It is concerned with learners' social, personal, intellectual, emotional, and physical growth and how these are integrated.

Four study areas:

Beginning knowledge.

Personal & Social well-being.

Creative Arts.

Physical Education.

Amedeo College Natural Science


Amedeo College Robotics & Coding


This subject is central to how learners will function in a digital and information-driven world.​

Following knowledge strands:

Pattern Recognition and problem solving.

Algorithms and Coding.

Robotic Skills.

Internet and e-communication skills.

Application skills.

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