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Amedeo’s FET Phase Gr 10-12, CAPS-aligned lesson material prepares learners for the Final NSC examination at the end of Grade 12.


Amedeo's FET Phase - Gr 10 -12

In the FET Phase, learners must complete seven subjects of which four are compulsory and three are electives.

Amedeo's FET Phase Subjects
South African CAPS

The four compulsory subjects include:


English (Home Language)

First Additional Language (isiZulu or Afrikaans)

Life Orientation

Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy


Students can choose three elective subjects from the list below:


Computer Applications Technology

Information Technology (only available in English)

Consumer Studies OR Hospitality Studies

Physical Sciences (requires Mathematics)

Visual Arts


Business Studies




Life Sciences

Robotics & Coding

GED (General Educational Development matric is an American High School Equivalent Certificate)

The GED assessments comprise of four subjects, written as individual exams. The exams do not have to be written at the same time but can be written at student’s own pace.

Mathematical Reasoning

Reasoning Through Language Arts

Social Studies


Robotics & Coding

Cambridge Syllabus

The Cambridge Curriculum is an international British curriculum that has become a very popular choice for learners as it allows them the opportunity to obtain an internationally accredited education whilst offering the benefits of self-paced learning.  The Cambridge curriculum gives learners a clearly defined pathway for educational success.

What are the benefits of the Cambridge?

Flexible schedule and self paced learning

Students who enrol in the International British curriculum are able to work through the course content at their own pace.  This means that they can dictate their learning pathway based on their unique circumstances, abilities and schedules.

International Accreditations

The International British curriculum is accepted at Universities around the world.  Learners who complete their A levels and AS levels are equipped with all the necessary educational tools to excel in a tertiary learning environment.

Access to exam centres around the world

Students who register for the International British curriculum are able to sit to write their exams at one of the many Cambridge accredited exam centres around the world.

An education solution when immigrating or travelling

The self paced learning style and flexibility of the International British curriculum means students can move countries during a school year.  With many families looking to explore international learning and travel opportunities, the British curriculum offers an education solution that promotes freedom and flexibility whilst maintaining a syllabus and assessment objectives that are standardised worldwide.

Students to choose at least four subjects.  The following subjects are offered:







Combined Science


Physical Science

Computer Studies

Information Communication Technology

Robotics and Coding

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